Accepted papers 2014

S230: Quantified Self and Personal Informatics – Crete
Chair(s): Alessandro Marcengo
  • Four Data Visualization Heuristics to Facilitate Reflection in Personal Informatics
    Andrea Cuttone, Michael Kai Petersen, Jakob Eg Larsen, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
  • a Personal QS Mirror for Life Patterns Discovery and “Self” Reshaping
    Alessandro Marcengo, Luca Buriano, Marina Geymonat, Telecom Italia, Italy
  • Braincontrol Basic Communicator: A Brain-Computer Interface Based Communicator for People with Severe Disabilities
    Pasquale Fedele, Chiara Fedele, Jarrod Fath, Liquidweb s.r.l., Italy
  • Experiences from a long run with a virtual personal trainer
    Paolo Pilloni, Davide Spano, Fabrizio Mulas, Gianni Fenu, Salvatore Carta, University of Cagliari, Italy
  • Structured Knowledge: a basic aspect for efficient user applications
    Laura Burzagli, Pier Luigi Emiliani, National Research Council (CNR), Italy
  • Self-monitoring and Technology: Challenges and Open Issues in Personal Informatics
    Amon Rapp, Federica Cena, Università di Torino, Italy

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